Global Decolonization Initiative



Episode 6

Published on:

16th Feb, 2020

Decolonizing The White Woman Mind with Courtney Jessup Nichols pt2

Episode 6

Published on:

9th Feb, 2020

Decolonizing the White Woman Mind with Courtney Jessup Nichols

Episode 5

Published on:

1st Feb, 2020

Navigating Bi Racial Relationship Featuring Mixerman

Episode 4

Published on:

19th Jan, 2020

Dismantling Western Shamanism Featuring Author Pegi Eyers

Episode 3

Published on:

12th Jan, 2020

The Harm of "Diversity" Training

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About the Podcast

Global Decolonization Initiative
Social Justice/Decolonization Education
Hard hitting, power packed podcast featuring the creators of the social justice watchdog group Global Decolonization Initiative.

Join Tanya Rodriguez and "Mom", a civil rights activist in the public, private sector on a journey into the depths of the shadow aspect of how to heal hate and the inter generational trauma that leads to cultural appropriation, white privilege, and racism.

Every week, a new topic, and shows featuring special guests from civil rights movements worldwide.